《Media Lab网页设计插件SiteGrinder for Photoshop CS2 to CS4》(SiteGrinder)V2.1.1[压缩包]

《Media Lab网页设计插件SiteGrinder for Photoshop CS2 to CS4》(SiteGrinder)V2.1.1[压缩包]
  • 片  名  《Media Lab网页设计插件SiteGrinder for Photoshop CS2 to CS4》(SiteGrinder)V2.1.1[压缩包]
  • 简  介  发行时间: 2009年制作发行: Media Lab语言: 英文
  • 类  别  软件
  • 小  类  多媒体类

  • 详细介绍中文名: Media Lab网页设计插件SiteGrinder for Photoshop CS2 to CS4英文名: SiteGrinder资源格式: 压缩包版本: V2.1.1发行时间: 2009年制作发行: Media Lab地区: 美国语言: 英文简介:

    官方网站 http://medialab.com/sitegrinder/
    SiteGrinder 2 for Adobe PhotoShop 可以毫不费力地从 photoshop 内创造完全符合网页设计标准的的css网站,而不需要编写一行代码。SiteGrinder 2甚至可以让您建立自动照片画廊,flash幻灯片的CSS菜单,等等等等。最重要的是,您在photoshop内的华丽设计得以精准完全地转换到网页布局。SiteGrinder 2 照顾一切,甚至考虑到个各个不同浏览器的兼容性!
    SiteGrinder 2 使用超级简单:给图层取合适的名字(英文名,符合网页设计的命名),并建立网站
    你会用Photoshop 。而 SiteGrinder 2 清楚 CSS、HTML格式和网络图像格式,等等。 所有您需要做的就是告诉 SiteGrinder 2 的特殊层,如按钮,在“Hints(提示)”输入您的层的名字。 右边会提示您输入“button(按钮)” , “rollover(翻转)” ,以及“popup(弹出)”等层的名称。 SiteGrinder 2 建立网站唯一需要的就是这些图层名称。一旦添加图层名称,只是启动SiteGrinder 2插件,只需点击鼠标,几分钟后,就可以自动生成网页。
    创建自定义图片画廊, flash元素和其他多媒体。

    SiteGrinder 2 - A brilliant idea in web design. Right inside Photoshop, create stunning CSS-rich, standards compliant websites using your own designs, and without writing a single line of code. SiteGrinder2 does it all in just minutes, and even lets you build automated photo galleries, Flash slideshows, CSS-driven menus, and so much more, into your website. Best of all, your gorgeous designs remain looking just as you created them
    Challenge: Beautifully Designed Websites Are Difficult To Create
    It’s not easy to actually build a beautiful website that matches a design created in an application like Photoshop. Photoshop gives an artist total design freedom, but that’s not the case with Web code. The Web uses many confusing technologies, none of which place emphasis on design integrity. As a result, those who are good at Photoshop struggle with creating webpages, and they don’t want to spend months or years learning confusing programming code like XHTML, CSS, javascript, and more, just to create a halfway decent looking website.
    Solution: Create Webpages In Photoshop!
    SiteGrinder 2 turns Adobe Photoshop into an easy-to-use and powerfull website design and production tool. It’s true! In fact, a SiteGrinder 2-equipped designer with no HTML expertise needs only their Photoshop skills to go from design concept to full deployment of a professional, standards-compliant website in just minutes with no programming whatsoever … and they do it all from within Photoshop. SiteGrinder 2 takes care of everything, even ensuring cross-platform browser compatibility. Best of all, pages created with SiteGrinder 2 retain the exact look and layout of the parent Photoshop file from which they were created.
    It’s Super Easy: Name Some Layers And Create A Website
    You know Photoshop. SiteGrinder 2 knows CSS, HTML, Web image formats, and much more. All you have to do is tell SiteGrinder 2 about special layers, like buttons, by adding “Hints” to your layer names. To the right you see the words “button”, “rollover”, and “popup” in the layer names.
    Those are Hints, and they’re the only things required to create a website that’s as gorgeous as your design. Once you’ve added a few Hints to your layer names, just launch the SiteGrinder 2 plug-in and it’ll build your page in minutes
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不会用啊 还没时间研究 可惜了
能不能支持ps cs2?
Windows Compatibility:
Photoshop 6 and up (including Photoshop CS3 & CS4)
Photoshop Elements 3, 4, 5 or 6
Fully Vista Compatible

先下一个 把以前做的网页转一下试试~
怎么安装 不是很清楚 有知道的吗
安装完成后 ps启动后就没反应了... 我的是cs4