The Prodigy -《Music for the Jilted Generation》[MP3!]

The Prodigy -《Music for the Jilted Generation》[MP3!]
  • 片  名  The Prodigy -《Music for the Jilted Generation》[MP3!]
  • 简  介  发行时间: 1995年02月27日地区: 英国语言: 英语
  • 类  别  音乐
  • 小  类  欧美音乐

  • 详细介绍专辑中文名: Music for the Jilted Generation歌手: The Prodigy资源格式: MP3发行时间: 1995年02月27日地区: 英国语言: 英语简介:

    成立时间∶ 1990年于英国Essex郡Braintree市
    类型∶ Big Beat、Electronica、Rave、Club/Dance、Techno
    相关乐团/艺人∶ Roots and Influences∶Lee Scratch Perry、Ultramagnetic MC s、Boogie Down Productions Similar Artists∶Orbital、Propellerheads、Fatboy Slim、Dub Pistols、Lo-Fidelity Allstars、The Chemical Brothers、Bentley Rhythm Ace、Leftfield、Daft Punk、Meat Beat Manifesto、The Crystal Method
    惯听摇滚的乐迷可能不太习惯The Prodigy的成员组合,两个舞者、一个饶舌歌者和一个DJ。不同的角度会看到The Prodigy不同的面貌∶若只是拿著CD听,一肩挑起音乐创作与制作之责的Liam Howlett便是一切;若是观看他们的表演,那两个动作狂暴的舞者Kieth Flint与Leeroy Thornhill最抢眼,留著魔鬼发型的Kieth Flint,更是The Prodigy的形象代表,但整个团的头头,却是负责rap的Maxim Reality-以舞曲界的术语来说,他是「司仪(MC)」。但无论乐评或乐迷怎么看待,The Prodigy就是这四个人,缺一个就不是The Prodigy,这样的组合真切地呈现了瑞舞(Rave)的面貌。 九○年代初,The Prodigy组成之时,正是英国瑞舞方兴末艾的时候,他们以单调重覆的快速节奏、喷泻而出的电子冲击声,以及有如风暴袭卷的现场表演,撼动了英国乐坛。1992年首张专辑《Experience》在英国获得成功后,1995年的《Music for the Jilted Generation》以更为强硬直接的态度处理电子节奏及音色,并将重吉他切刷的取样溶入音乐中,促成日后所谓Big Beat的出现。 有人形容The Prodigy为「没有吉他手的庞克乐团」。1997的《The Fat of the Land》与Kula Shaker、L7等摇滚乐团合作,The Prodigy的音乐更加多元复杂。这张被主流乐评形容为「差一点就是经典」的专辑,也因为有较多的人声(虽然歌词依旧没什么意义),吸引了大批主流摇滚迷走入电子舞曲的领域,The Prodigy的影响从英国跨入美国,甚至全世界。《The Fat of the Land》可以说是他们最容易亲近的一张专辑。但是The Prodigy在态度上仍然希望与摇滚抱持距离,决不原地踏步,作出令人脚底发痒痛快狂舞的音乐,才是他们最大的企图。
    Easily the best Prodigy album out there, and that s really saying something. All of the tracks are based in energetic hardcore techno, but there s an incredible amount of variety here. Everything from metal guitars ( Their Law ) to shattering glass ( Break and Enter ) is used as a sample, and all are used effectively. The album doesn t have a single weak track on it, but the true highlights are the singles. Poison is probably the darkest track the Prodigy s ever done (**including** Firestarter and Breathe ) and it s great. One Love sounds a lot like an older rave track, but it works really well and doesn t overstay its welcome. Voodoo People uses LIVE guitars and flutes in a breakbeat track that will get you moving like no other. Then there s my favorite: No Good (Start The Dance) which pastes together a sped-up soul vocal and a ridiculously intense beat. It ll leave you gasping for air, but in a good way.
    What else can I say? The music s the best that the band s ever made, and there really isn t a downside. Even the artwork s a lot of fun. Pick this up as soon as you can - you won t be disappointed.
    When I first heard pre-Fat of the Land Prodigy, I thought it sounded kind of dated, and got a bigger kick out of FotL s blatant pandering to the American Rock palate. But even that was a guilty pleasure, as this was the mid-90 s, the heyday of IDM, and I wore my anorak proudly.
    Since then I ve lost my fear of
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