《疯狂几何》(Mind Jolt)

《疯狂几何》(Mind Jolt)
  • 片  名  《疯狂几何》(Mind Jolt)
  • 简  介  游戏类型: STG 射击游戏发行时间: 2010年07月28日制作发行: ScozScoz语言: 英文
  • 类  别  游戏
  • 小  类  硬盘版游戏

  • 详细介绍中文名称: 疯狂几何英文名称: Mind Jolt游戏类型: STG 射击游戏发行时间: 2010年07月28日制作发行: Scoz
    Scoz地区: 美国语言: 英文简介:
    [quote]更多游戏信息尽在VeryCD资料库, http://www.VeryCD.com/base/[/quote][quote]【通用提示】
    我的电脑只安装Avira AntiVir Personal 10.0这一款杀毒软件,已扫描无毒,其他杀毒软件是否会报毒无法保证
      「Mind Jolt」是一款挺劲爆的弹幕游戏(Bullet Hell),控制一个几何体,消灭来势汹汹的几何敌人。清理完小兵之后会出现 Boss。
    代码Unlocking Cold Fusion has been Marcus’ life-long goal. However, after the accident left his colleague Molly in a coma, that goal seemed unachievable.
    Mind Jolt is a tribute to my favorite Game Maker game of all time, Ted Lauterbach rotten_tater ’s Mind Shock. If you haven’t played it by now, I strongly suggest you do it, it’s amazing http //www.rottentater.com/games.html
    Mind Jolt a Bullet Hell arena shmup with 20 Waves, but it’s intended to be accessible. Even if you’re no good at Bullet Hell games, this shouldn’t frustrate you too much. It’s more about the patterns than the twitch-dodging.
    The music is generously provided by Ted Lauterbach, who made new tracks specifically for this project D
    Mind Jolt supports Game Jolt Online High Scores. If you have a Game Jolt account, you can upload your fastest completion times to the Worldwide Leaderboard.
    This isn’t a 100% replication of Mind Shock. I don’t think you’re truly paying homage if you’re covering all the same ground as the original. It’s really intended to highlight how I felt when I first played Mind Shock, and what I love about it, even if there are some noticeable differences 3
    You MUST unzip the archive onto your computer before you play, or else you’ll get scary errors D Also, I’m not sure how well this will run on older computers. I recommend closing other applications if you’re getting lag.
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