《CFD专业网格生成器 V15.09.R3 LINUX版》(Pointwise Gridgen v15.09.R3 LINUX)LINUX系统英文版

《CFD专业网格生成器 V15.09.R3 LINUX版》(Pointwise Gridgen v15.09.R3 LINUX)LINUX系统英文版
  • 片  名  《CFD专业网格生成器 V15.09.R3 LINUX版》(Pointwise Gridgen v15.09.R3 LINUX)LINUX系统英文版
  • 简  介  发行时间: 2006年制作发行: Pointwise
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  • 详细介绍中文名: CFD专业网格生成器 V15.09.R3 LINUX版英文名: Pointwise Gridgen v15.09.R3 LINUX版本: LINUX系统英文版发行时间: 2006年制作发行: Pointwise地区: 美国简介:
    已通过安全检测,安全检测软体:趋势科技 PC-cillin 2006
    共用伺服器:DonkeyServer No1 ,DonkeyServer No2, DonkeyServer No5
    塑胶注塑成型制造 Pointwise Gridgen v15.09.R3 LINUX
    美国 Pointwise 公司开发之3D结构型网格建购软体,是一般 CFD 计算广泛採用之
    Pointwises Gridgen 被工程师和科学家用於产生 CFD 网格和其他计算分析。它可
    以产生高精度的网格以使得分析结果更加準确。同时它还可以分析并不完美的 CAD
    Pointwise Gridgen v15.09 R3 LINUX
    Gridgen is our flagship product. It is the meshing software used by engineers and scientists worldwide since 1984 to reliably generate high quality grids for engineering analysis.
    What does Gridgen do?
    * Gridgen generates structured hex, unstructured tet, and hybrid meshes...
    * on CAD data imported from its native files and without repair...
    * and exports meshes in the native formats of many CFD and other solvers...
    * while running on Windows, Mac, Linux (Intel AMD), and Unix (Intel AMD).
    What makes Gridgen special?
    * The meshes it generates are of high quality leading to more accurate solutions and faster convergence.
    * It s easier to learn, use, and remember how to use than other meshers and includes a scripting language so that you may customize the software for your purposes.
    * Technical support is promptly provided by engineers with industry experience who understand how CFD can impact the design process.
    Gridgen is a complete meshing toolkit used to generate three-dimensional (3D) grids for complex geometries in a production environment, often where CFD is mission critical. The software s origins are in the demanding U.S. aerospace industry, where Gridgen continues to earn its reputation for usability and high quality grids, both of which are vital for reliable simulations. Today Gridgen is used worldwide in aerospace, automotive, power generation, chemical process and other industries for which CFD is an integral part of the design process.
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