《PADS 2005 电路设计最新版》(Mentor Graphics PADS PCB 2005 Build 7.1)2005[Bin]

《PADS 2005 电路设计最新版》(Mentor Graphics PADS PCB 2005 Build 7.1)2005[Bin]
  • 片  名  《PADS 2005 电路设计最新版》(Mentor Graphics PADS PCB 2005 Build 7.1)2005[Bin]
  • 简  介  发行时间: 2005年03月03日制作发行: Mentor Graphics
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  • 详细介绍简介: PADS 2005 最新版,2005.2月底最新发布 [推荐 ]
    ( 全名Mentor Graphics PADS PCB 2005 Build 7.1)
    由印制电路板(PCB)设计工具的领导者,美国PADS Software Inc.公司开发的PADS EDA系统包括PowerLogic、PowerPCB、CAM350和HyperLynx四个部分.
    新年伊始,Mentor Graphics推出了崭新的电路设计解决方案PADS 2005。这一次由2004升级到2005有一些改进和提高,软件的名称也有做了一些调整。
    原理图:由原来2004的PowerLogic改为PADS logic(原PowerLogic)
    PCB:由原来2004的PowerPCB改为PADS Layout(原PowerPCB)
    布线器:由原来2004的BlazeRouter改为PADS Router
    PowerLogic 7.1和PowerPCB 7.1是Mentor Graphics公司推出的优秀EDA设计软件,目前已成为众多EDA设计软件中的佼佼者,深受用户的喜爱。
    PADS2005 Release Highlights
    HyperLynx 7.2 - Overview
    HyperLynx?7.2 includes features and functionality to address new
    challenges facing high-speed system designers. This is an
    incremental release for HyperLynx users.
    This release includes the following:
    ?Integrated Eldo simulation
    ?S-parameter model support
    ?Usability enhancements and quality improvements for existing Hyper
    7.1 users with maintenance.
    Enhancements for HyperLynx EXT
    PCB translators - The Cadence Allegro translator can now translate
    the native Allegro design file (.BRD) to the .HYP file format. The
    following translators have improved quality: Mentor Graphics
    BoardStation, Visula, and Specctra DSN.
    Copy stackup to clipboard - The two-dimensional output version of
    the copy stackup to clipboard now provides comprehensive properties
    labeling and is in Windows MetaFile format.
    Enhancements for HyperLynx GHz
    Eldo SPICE simulation - If Eldo is on the computer, you can now
    launch Eldo SPICE simulation from the oscilloscope.
    S-parameter model support - You can now simulate connectors and
    packages using Touchstone models in SPICE simulations. Touchstone
    models can provide the following information: S-parameters
    (scattering), Y-parameters (admittance), Z-parameters (impedance),
    and so on.
    SPICE parameter passing - When assigning SPICE models, you can now
    specify parameters to pass to the simulator.
    SPICE stimulus voltage control - When assigning SPICE output models,
    you can now specify stimulus switching times and stimulus logic-one
    and logic-zero voltages.
    Copy SPICE and Touchstone model assignments - When copying and
    pasting SPICE or Touchstone models in the Assign Models dialog box,
    the paste operation now preserves all port-mapping information,
    except for ports connected to other pins in the schematic or board
    Change SPICE netlist base name - You can now change the base name
    for the SPICE netlist and related files. This capability enables you
    to save multiple SPICE netlists and simulation files for the design.
    Loss versus frequency graphing in stackup editor - You can now use
    the stackup editor to graph loss versus frequency data for a stackup
    Copy lossy graphs to clipboard - The default copy to clipboard graph
    now has a white background, to save toner or ink when printing. The
    right-click copy to clipboard menu names are now more intuitive.
    Tip: For a complete list of HyperLynx 7.2 enhancement and quality
    improvements, see the BSW.VER and LSW.VER files located in the
    HyperLynx installation folder.
    PADS Logic
    Defect fixes - Several defects have been corrected in PADS Logic.
    See customer_fixes.txt at the root of the CD for a complete list of
    what was fixed in this release.<
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终于不是Demo版了,解压“[PADS.2005.电路设计最新版].Mentor.graphics.pads.pcb.2005.build.7.1_KeyGen”运行其中的“MentorKG”会产生"LICENSE.txt",正常安装指定LICENSE。安装完毕将"LICENSE.txt"分别拷贝到"C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersApplication Datapads2005_2"和“C:Program FilesMentor GraphicsPADS2005SettingsLicense”目录,改文件名为“licensefile.dat”。运行之...