《Routers & Packet Filters教程》(Train.Signal.Lab.9.Routers.And.Packet.Filters)[Bin]

《Routers & Packet Filters教程》(Train.Signal.Lab.9.Routers.And.Packet.Filters)[Bin]
  • 片  名  《Routers & Packet Filters教程》(Train.Signal.Lab.9.Routers.And.Packet.Filters)[Bin]
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  • 详细介绍中文名: Routers Packet Filters教程英文名: Train.Signal.Lab.9.Routers.And.Packet.Filters资源格式: 光盘镜像地区: 美国对白语言: 英语简介:
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    *在实时网络学习Routers In-Depth
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    引用 Fun, interactive scenarios make our lessons easy to retain Install and configure a Router on your company s network
    Understand how to use the Routing and Remote Access Service (RRAS) Wizard
    Differentiate Hardware (Cisco) from Software (Windows 2000/2003) Routers
    Configure a server to act as a router manually
    Test network connectivity between the different routed segments
    Configure static routes to pass TCP/IP traffic through the network infrastructure
    Troubleshoot satic and dynamic routes within a Routing Table
    Learn to install and configure Routing Information Protocol (RIP) v.2
    Install configure Packet Filters directly on the Network Interface Card (NIC)
    Setup and configure a series of Packet Filters to meet a company s security requirements
    Setup TCP/IP Routes to direct traffic between two sites
    Setup a basic Web FTP Server to test out the Packet Filters
    Install configure Packet Filters within Routing Remote Access (RRAS)
    Learn how to handle routing conflicts detween RIP and statically configured routes
    Install and Use Terminal Services and Remote Desktop
    All this and more taught in Windows 2000 Server 2003
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