《Gnomon顶级影视后期特效制作教程》(The Gnomon Workshop After Effects Tutorials Essential Techniques Advanced )高级篇[压缩包]

《Gnomon顶级影视后期特效制作教程》(The Gnomon Workshop After Effects Tutorials Essential Techniques Advanced )高级篇[压缩包]
  • 片  名  《Gnomon顶级影视后期特效制作教程》(The Gnomon Workshop After Effects Tutorials Essential Techniques Advanced )高级篇[压缩包]
  • 简  介  发行日期: 2010年对白语言: 英语文字语言: 英文
  • 类  别  教育
  • 小  类  计算机

  • 详细介绍简介: 资源简介:
    Gnomon workshop是世界权威的CG视频网站. 他们在CG视频教程中是高质量的代名词.他们定期邀请全世界的顶尖CG艺术家来为他们制作CG视频教程,内容涵盖面非常广。
    Gnomon教程. 让我们在CG设计路上不再独行~ 让我们共同期待与业界CG顶尖设计师的面对面~ 少玩多花些时间多学习学习,让我们的商业作品与众不同~ Gnomon的教程向来以其前沿的技术和清晰的视频质量而受到广大用户的青睐. ........
    该教程为The Gnomon Workshop 出品的After Effects Tutorials Essential Techniques with Ergin Kuke 顶级影视后期特效制作教程系列. 该教程覆盖了从初级到终极好莱坞影视特效所需要的全部思路思想技术!是影视后期爱好者必备的教程。超过19小时经过业界资深人士来讲述该AE教程,让用户在寒假的时候可以接触高端AE后期特效教程. 教程涵盖了广泛的工具和主题域,同基本工具的广泛报道,跟踪,使用3D,键控等。本新闻稿的重点项目包括各种基于覆盖效果高级教程和合成技术,您可能会在商业广告中看到,技能和特效的终极教程DVD!
    官网链接: http://www.thegnomonworkshop.com/store/pro...ndex.php
    This release contains all the video lessons on a series of After Effects Tutorials that are far from the author Ergin Kuke.
    Happy Holidays from the Gnomon Workshop! In our final release of Visual Effects tutorials for the decade, we’re proud to present over 19 hours After Effects tutorials by industry veteran and Gnomon School instructor Ergin Kuke. Just in time for Winter Break, these downloadable tutorials cover a wide gamut of tools and topics, with extensive coverage of the basic tools, tracking, using 3D, keying and more. Highlights of this release include a variety of project-based advanced tutorials covering effects and compositing techniques you might see in commercials, effects shots and opening title sequences. Stay warm, be safe, have fun ramping up your After Effects skills and see you in 2010!
      These tutorials are also available as part of our training subscription. See more information on all of these great titles below.
    该系列教程分为初级、中级、高级三部分. 共26小节 每一小节为独立制作部分教程.
    本资源贴为高级篇教程 由于文件较大 为便于分流 将分2个压缩包发布
    初级和中级部分已经发布 请关注 ~
    初级篇: http://www.VeryCD.com/topics/2841423/
    中级篇: http://www.VeryCD.com/topics/2841427/
    关于作者: Ergin Kuke
    Ergin Kuke
    Co-founder, Angst VFX
    Ergin Kuke是创意总监和Angst VFX(焦虑视觉特效)的创始人之一,这是洛杉矶,加利福尼亚很有前途的视觉特效公司。
    Ergin is creative director and co-founder of Angst VFX, an up and coming visual effects company in Los Angeles, CA.
    Ergin moved to Los Angeles from Albania in 2001 to be part of the Gnomon Certificate program. After finishing studies there, he has been a Lighting TD and Compositor at Sony Imageworks, Rhythm Hues working on Polar Express, Zathura, Superman, Narnia, Beowulf etc. As a freelance artist in commercial boutiques, Ergin has worked at Digital Kitchen, Stardust, Engine Room, Brand New School, Superfad etc doing lighting and compositing on many commercial and music video projects. He has also developed concert visuals for Korn, Bon Jovi, 50 Cent, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Paul Oakenfold and more.
    Ergin is also a part time instructor at Gnomon School of VFX where he teaches Compositing, Lighting and Texturing.
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