《Electric Rain Swift 3D MAX 专业矢量插件》(Electric.Rain.Swift.3D.MAX)v4.0.144[压缩包]

《Electric Rain Swift 3D MAX 专业矢量插件》(Electric.Rain.Swift.3D.MAX)v4.0.144[压缩包]
  • 片  名  《Electric Rain Swift 3D MAX 专业矢量插件》(Electric.Rain.Swift.3D.MAX)v4.0.144[压缩包]
  • 简  介  发行时间: 2010年制作发行: Electric Rain, Inc.语言: 英文
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  • 详细介绍简介: Swift 3D MAX
    Swift 3D插件允许3ds max和LightWave 3D用户创造出高质量、窄带矢量的3D效果或者FLASH的3D动画,使超过97%的网页浏览观众都能观看。拥有先进的RAViX 4矢量图技术,Swift 3D 提供了出众的综合FLASH的矢量输出。无论从动画还是色彩的饱和度它都为你创造出你想要的FLASH和打印效果,支持Adobe Illustrator, EPS, SVG,Toon Boom’s PNT输出格式。这是3ds max的插件。运行于 Discreet 3ds max、Autodesk Viz
    新的矢量渲染功能具有速度快、模拟艺术化钢笔线条、提高透明度、真实的阴影效果等特点。用于渲染 SWF 动画以及 AI、EPS、SVG 和 PNT 格式。
    Pen Style Outlines
    Introducing customizable pen styles that apply variable pen-width strokes to your 3D objects, giving them true cartoon styling. Choose your pen shape, angle and aspect and let our RAViX 4 vector rendering engine output an optimized cartoon animation or vector image that will remind you of your Saturday morning cartoon favorites.
    Render Speeds up to 50 Times Faster!
    Swift 3D MAX and Swift 3D LW now utilize our latest RAViX 4 technology with vastly improved render times. These speed increases are particularly noticeable in low-polygon models and simple animations that use basic fill styles, where our benchmark testing showed increases of more than 50 times faster than what was possible using Version 2 of the plug-ins. Note: Speed increases vary substantially when rendering high-polygon models or when using complex render options.
    Per-Object Rendering Styles
    Using the Properties Panel in 3ds max or the Object Properties button in LightWave 3D, you can apply different fill and line styles for any or every object in your 3D scene. The standard Swift 3D MAX or Swift 3D LW render option dialog acts as the master style control for your Swift 3D renderings and applies your render options to any object that has not had an individual style applied to it. You also have the option to override all individual object settings through the standard render option dialog.
    Shadow Density and Color Controls
    The answer to one of our most requested user features! Easily control vector shadow density using a built in slider in the main render dialog. You can even choose the color of your rendered shadows to help produce the look you are after.
    Save and Load User-Defined Render Styles
    This convenient, time-saving feature allows user to save and load user-defined render styles directly from the render options dialog. When you have defined the style you’re after, simply choose the Save Settings option and name your render profile to be saved. The next time you want to use the same style, simply load the file and you’re ready to render within seconds. No more messing around with trying to duplicate previous styles!
    Enhancements to Vector Transparency Rendering Transparent objects are now rendered with outlines and a new feature, Hidden Transparent Edges, allows you to render edges that would normally be obscured by the object. These edges are outlined in a softer manner than the edges exposed to the camera, giving your vector renderings a more realistic and finished look.
    Level 3 Support for EPS files
    For designers that use Swift 3D MAX or Swift 3D LW to output vector files for use in Adobe Illustrator, Macromedia Freehand, or other 2D vector drawing programs, Swift 3D plug-ins now export vector gradient shading styles (Area Shading and Mesh Shading), shadows, reflections and specular highlights to the EPS file format for import into supporting programs.
    Outlines at Intersections
    When an outline style is chosen and this option is selected in the main render dialog, an outline will appear along the point where two objects intersect. We’ve even provided you with an Outline Priority option for choosing which outline style will be rendered at the intersection of
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