The Mission -《Aural Delight》[MP3!]

The Mission -《Aural Delight》[MP3!]
  • 片  名  The Mission -《Aural Delight》[MP3!]
  • 简  介  发行时间: 2002年地区: 美国语言: 英语
  • 类  别  音乐
  • 小  类  欧美音乐

  • 详细介绍专辑中文名: Aural Delight歌手: The Mission资源格式: MP3发行时间: 2002年地区: 美国语言: 英语简介:
    Cash, that s probably the only reason for this release. More and more bad remixes and bad rerecordings of old songs. And some b-sides that the real fans already have and of course one new song.
    The magic has been killed. Great songs been transferred into nothing more than songs I am ashamed of owning.
    If you are a fan, if you want to have everything the mission put out, buy. If not. Don t.
    01. Amelia
    02. Even You May Shine
    03. Spider and The Fly (In the Ointment)
    04. Sorry...
    05. Anyone But You
    06. Never Let Me Down
    07. Never Again
    08. Melt
    09. Mesmerised (Reprise)
    10. Swoon
    11. Dragonfly [Demo Version]
    12. Can t Help Failling in Love With You
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