《Norton AntiVirus 2006 Protection Pack》(Norton AntiVirus 2006 Protection Pack)

《Norton AntiVirus 2006 Protection Pack》(Norton AntiVirus 2006 Protection Pack)
  • 片  名  《Norton AntiVirus 2006 Protection Pack》(Norton AntiVirus 2006 Protection Pack)
  • 简  介  发行时间: 2005年09月29日制作发行: 赛门铁克
  • 类  别  软件
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  • 详细介绍中文名: Norton AntiVirus 2006 Protection Pack英文名: Norton AntiVirus 2006 Protection Pack发行时间: 2005年09月29日制作发行: 赛门铁克地区: 美国简介:
    赛门铁克9月26日发布了诺顿2006系列产品。这些产品包括:Norton AntiVirus2006(诺顿反病毒2006)、Norton Internet Security2006(诺顿互联网安全2006)、Norton Personal Firewall 2006(诺顿个人防火墙2006系列产品)。
    与Windows XP的安全中心功能相比,赛门铁克认为“诺顿防御中心”可以提供范围更广、职能更丰富的安全防御服务。“诺顿防御中心”保护以电脑为核心的在线安全和数据安全,包括抵御间谍软件的侵袭。
    Norton AntiVirus 2006(诺顿反病毒2006)是诺顿互联网安全2006产品的一部分,可以检测和删除包含间谍软件、广告软件在内的恶意软件,可以避免浏览器的默认设置被修改。
    Personal Firewall 2006(诺顿个人防火墙2006)也是诺顿互联网安全2006产品的一部分,它可以自动配置而不会干扰用户的正常工作。
    Newest version available now
    Stay protected with the world’s most trusted antivirus software.*
    Key Features
    Now includes 12 months of protection updates and new product features as available throughout the year; annual subscriptions available for subsequent renewal.
    Enjoy your computer with confidence, knowing viruses, Trojan horses, and worms will be detected and removed automatically.
    Surf the Web without being watched by dangerous spyware or unwanted adware, and without getting hijacked and redirected to spyware download sites.
    Breathe easy when new viruses surface, assured your protection is automatically updated.
    Open email and IM attachments without worry, knowing they’ve been scoured for threats.
    Create and share files at will, knowing even compressed files have been scanned for viruses.
    新人第一帖 大家多支持!
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