Various Artists -《二十世纪名曲百分百》(100 Best 20th Century Classics)[6 CD Set 更新完毕][MP3]

Various Artists -《二十世纪名曲百分百》(100 Best 20th Century Classics)[6 CD Set 更新完毕][MP3]
  • 片  名  Various Artists -《二十世纪名曲百分百》(100 Best 20th Century Classics)[6 CD Set 更新完毕][MP3]
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  • 详细介绍专辑英文名: 100 Best 20th Century Classics专辑中文名: 二十世纪名曲百分百艺术家: Various Artists古典类型: 全集作品资源格式: MP3版本: [6 CD Set 更新完毕]发行时间: 2009年04月06日地区: 美国简介: 压缩码率: 320Kbps
    100 BEST 20th CENTURY CLASSICS is another release in EMI’s highly successful 100 BEST series.
    This 6 CD set covers many of the most popular works composed between 1900 and 1999, as well as representative pieces by composers who broadened the concept of classical music during that period and those who pushed its boundaries to the limits.
    CD 1: The Last of the Romantics
    The first disc opens with an extract from Rachmaninov’s 2nd Piano Concerto, written in 1901. This is followed by favourite works by Prokofiev, Khachaturian, Falla, Holst, Elgar and Vaughan Williams, all of which look back to the romantic style of the 19th century. The disc also includes part of the slow movement of the most successful concerto written during the 20th century, the Concierto de Aranjuez by Rodrigo.
    CD 2: Innovators
    The composers on this disc include some who broke new ground in tonality and form at the beginning of the century, such as Stravinsky and the Second Viennese school of Webern, Berg and Schoenberg, and others who continued to use the more traditional methods of composition but who wrote in a more advanced style such as Bartók, Britten, Hindemith and Walton.
    CD 3: Brave New World
    The works heard here range across the incredible proliferation of musical language during the last 50 years, from hard-edged modernism to chilled-out minimalism, religiously inspired and otherwise, and include pieces by the older generation of composers like Messiaen, Henze, Lutoslawski and Takemitsu, as well as more recent compositions by Turnage, Tavener, Gubaidulina, Adès and Knussen.
    CD 4: America
    The large and prolific school of American composers active during the 20th century is represented by some extremely popular pieces like Barber’s Adagio for Strings, Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue and Copland’s Fanfare for the Common Man, as well as more adventurous works by Ives, Cage, Reich, Carter and Adams.
    CD 5: Instrumental and Chamber
    This CD p
  • Various Artists -《二十世纪名曲百分百》(100 Best 20th Century Classics)[6 CD Set 更新完毕][MP3]_large