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  • 详细介绍中文名: Luxology公司modo501配套HDRE景观工具包英文名: Luxology.HDRE02.Landscape.Kit资源格式: 光盘镜像版本: for.modo501.WIN发行时间: 2010年制作发行: Luxology语言: 英文简介: .
    Luxology公司modo501配套HDRE景观工具包是光为基础的环境,提供细微的和现实的灯光,渲染你的模型的集合。通过结合匹配的背景板,高品质HDRI的全景,这些高动态范围环境提供modo用户基于图像的照明源,一个令人难以置信的简单工作流。只需选择您的预设浏览器从大会的位置,选择一个从视觉HDRE卡视图的背景板,然后微调与HDRE拍摄抬头显示器(HUD)。How does HDRE work in modo?
    Select one of five supplied locations
    Just click on the desired location to use as a light source. Next, drag in your preferred camera background plate from a palette of images. Your scene is automatically pin registered to the background, your resolution has been adjusted and your camera position and settings have been matched to the background plate. A ground plane has been provided for you to drag and drop your mesh items on top of – and as you do they immediately appear to be “in” the location with accurately cast shadows, lighting and reflections. You are now ready to render without ever having created a light, adjusted a camera or even having accessed the Shader Tree.
    Fine tune your results
    To further enhance your renderings, embedded controls are presented right in the modo viewport to adjust things like the amount of indirect vs. direct illumination. For example, moving a slider will enhance the shadows in your rendering by increasing the lighting contribution from physical sun that is available at that precise geographic location. You can also adjust the amount of saturation for both the environment and/or the background – right on up to making your background plate be a black and white image.
    When you select a new environment, it is added to your scene in a non-destructive way. The supplied scripts simply limit the visibility or effect of your existing settings without deleting anything. This workflow allows you to experiment with different locations or mix the effects you obtain from a new location with ease.What’s included in the HDRE Landscape Kit?
    HDRE Landscape includes 5 different locations. Each of the supplied locations includes the following components:
    Render-ready Camera Background Plates
    Each location includes 6 - 12 custom Camera Background Plates. Each Background Plate includes a ground plane and a pre-calibrated modo camera. Typically we include close-up, medium and distance shots so you can place objects of various sizes in front of the background plates.
    High-Resolution Spherical Panoramic Image (4k x 8k pixels)
    Image provides source for accurate reflections and refractions from the environment.
    HDRI Image
    HDRI Image provides source of indirect rays.
    FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions
    Which HDRE Kits are currently available? Currently we are offering both HDRE Urban and HDRE Landscape kits.
    How many locations do I get in HDRE Urban vs. HDRE Landscape? There are five locations in the Urban Kit and another five locations in the Landscape Kit. For each location, we supply 6-12 high resolution backplates. For example, the first location in the Urban kit is an industrial warehouse area. Six backplates are provided for that single location including a wide expanse of asphalt, a cul de sac, a street with adjacent warehouse, a close-up of the street and two more backplates showing a paved area with barricades.
    Are these backplates suitable for creating print resolution output? Yes, most backplates are 2848 x 4288 pixel resolution. Both portrait and landscape aspect backplates are provided a
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