《Talk About English(BBC)》(雅思听力强力推荐)[压缩包]

《Talk About English(BBC)》(雅思听力强力推荐)[压缩包]
  • 片  名  《Talk About English(BBC)》(雅思听力强力推荐)[压缩包]
  • 简  介  发行时间: 2009年对白语言: 英语文字语言: 英文
  • 类  别  资料
  • 小  类  外语教程

  • 详细介绍简介: BBC的一档学英语的节目,每星期一期,数期组成一个系列,每期10分钟左右。纯正英式英语,语速难度均跟雅思听力相似。每个压缩包里有一个MP3文件跟听力原文PDF。
    Talk About English (Learn English)
    Improve your English vocabulary, grammar, and listening skills with the BBC. Our weekly 10 minute chat show includes features and interviews to help you practise and develop your English. We cover a range of topics using everyday informal English, highlighting useful words and expressions. Talk about English is presented every Thursday by the team from BBC Learning English.
    Who on Earth are we?
    A series about culture and how it affects us. It explores some of the major differences between cultures and looks at what happens when people from different cultures meet and communicate. 12 programmes to download with scripts.Private Lives 2008.11-2009.01
    A simple feature series in which ordinary people talk about themselves and how they experience everyday life in Britain.在part1到part5里面有个小测验quiz。有兴趣的朋友可以试一试。
    Business Language to go
    A series that is all about chunks of language as used in business contexts. The series is presented by Carmela DiClemente and business language expert David Evans.Now, forget about dictionaries and grammar books: you don't have the time for that! Instead, listen to Business Language To Go, a series that is all about chunks of language as used in business contexts.
    Academic Listening 2009年
    A series for students at English-speaking universities and people who want to improve their listening skills.I'm Angelica Baschiera from Italy and I'm doing my post-graduate studies in the UK in London'.
    'I'm Mohammed from Oman. I'm going to study in Leicester University, Communications and Media'.
    'My name is Jose Arturo. I'm from Mexico and here in London I'm making my PhD in African History at the School of Oriental and African Studies'.
    If like those students you’re attending or preparing to attend an English-speaking university, or simply want to improve your listening skills, this series is for you. It’s about learning to listen, and listening to learn.
    The series, first broadcast in 2001, was produced by Gary Stevens and presented by Susan Fearn.
    First Sight, Second Thoughts7月18日-9月14日
    A series about life in Britain as seen through the eyes of its immigrant population.In 'First Sight, Second Thoughts', we hear about life in Britain as seen through the eyes of her immigrant population, people from many different cultures and countries. In this series from 1999, we discover if their ‘first sights’ of Britain matched their expectations. Immigrants from India, Guyana, Mexico, Germany, Pakistan, Botswana and Iran tell us about their first impressions.
    English Makeover 9月24日-11月9日
    A series in which learners from around the world tell us their English language problems, and get advice from our expert teacher of English, Karen Adams.If you want to change your appearance, you might go for a ‘makeover’ – fresh haircut, different clothes, a new you! If it’s your English you want to transform, perhaps it’s time for a language ‘makeover’! Improve your pronunciation, make advances in grammar and expand your vocabulary.
    In this series, learners of English from around the world tell us their language problems. And there's advice for them and you, from experienced teacher of English, Karen Adams.
    The Reading Group 11月16日-
    In The Reading Group, we bring together listeners, students of English, literature teachers and other contributors from the world of books to share their enthusiasm for reading.If you'd like to share your experienc
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