• 片  名  《Gnomon工作室出品Modo入门概述工作流程视频教程》(The.Gnomon.Workshop.Introduction.to.Modo.Workflow.Overview)DVD[光盘镜像]
  • 简  介  主讲人: Jonathan Feldman发行日期: 2010年对白语言: 英语文字语言: 英文
  • 类  别  教育
  • 小  类  计算机

  • 详细介绍中文名: Gnomon工作室出品Modo入门概述工作流程视频教程英文名: The.Gnomon.Workshop.Introduction.to.Modo.Workflow.Overview资源格式: 光盘镜像学校: The.Gnomon.Workshop主讲人: Jonathan Feldman版本: DVD发行日期: 2010年对白语言: 英语文字语言: 英文简介: 语言:英语
    Gnomon工作室出品的 Modo入门--概述工作流程 视频教程。
    在这张时长6小时多的DVD教学中, Jonathan Feldman探讨了Modo的工作流程与功能。介绍了用户界面和如何高效地构建场景。并举例一个场景的创造和通过建模、操作、着色、动画设置与渲染等构建的全过程。
    Luxology's Modo is one of the newer tools in the CG, Design and Architectural visualization world, but has quickly gained a wide user base. Modo is a very powerful polygonal and subdivision modeler that has a great texture painting and sculpting module, object animation tools and a superb renderer, all under a very intuitive and user-friendly interface. This DVD, with over six hours of material, explores the workflow and features in Modo. Jonathan starts out introducing the user interface and proceeds with how to efficiently create and organize scenes. The viewer can follow along as a scene is created and developed through modeling, manipulation, shader creation and setup for animation and rendering among other topics. Instructor for this title: Jonathan Feldman
    Topics Covered
    User Interface, layouts and viewport navigation
    Object manipulation
    Selection modes
    Action centers, axis and falloff types
    Object creation
    Scene organization
    Shader creation and using the shader tree
    Setting up for animation
    Setting keys for animation and how to edit them
    Setting up a scene for rendering
    Rendering options
    Customizing the user interface
    Product Code: JFE01
    ISBN: 1-59762-793-3
    UPC: 805366017712
    Duration: 365 minutes
    Formats: DVD-ROM, Digital Download, Online Subscription
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    1GHz or faster processor
    512 MB RAM
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    DVD-ROM Drive
    5 GB of hard disk space
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  • 《Gnomon工作室出品Modo入门概述工作流程视频教程》(The.Gnomon.Workshop.Introduction.to.Modo.Workflow.Overview)DVD[光盘镜像]_large