• 片  名  《DJ软件》(Visiosonic.PCDJ.Red.VRM.v7.2)[Bin]
  • 简  介  制作发行: PCDJ
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  • 详细介绍中文名: DJ软件英文名: Visiosonic.PCDJ.Red.VRM.v7.2资源格式: 光盘镜像制作发行: PCDJ地区: 美国简介:
    是专门为普通家庭用户和专业的DJ而设计的软件,它是第一个支持 Microsoft s DRM (Digital Rights Management) system的混音软件。可以在一台电脑中存储成千上万首歌,支持格式包括:.MP3,.WMA,.WAV and Microsoft DRM files 支持全双功声卡,内置有混音功能,可以自动混音播放、自动停止,支持MIDI控制,并且允许你连接外部的MIDI控制器,它还可以即时播放歌曲,能够即时保存、查找任何歌曲,另外,它还可以用来制作MP3文件,在这个新版本中增加了视频播放功能、音轨抓取和MP3制作,数字音乐管理,全面支持网络广播。
    引用Title: PCDJ Red VRM v7.2 Build 1014 Visiosonic
    Date: April 26, 2005
    CDs: 1
    Size: 5 x 15MB
    Info: Best Seller in 2004 - PCDJ Red and Blue VRM
    Red and Blue VRM were a huge success in 2004 and are already working
    their way up as leading products for 2005. Red and Blue VRM let you
    DJ mix with your PC or Laptop with their two audio players and full
    feature selection. With the ease of use and superior management of
    your music files, Red or Blue VRM is a powerful product to perform
    professionally with. If you re a working professional DJ, or a
    beginner, and looking for a simple interface and performance power,
    check out these hot favorites in the Digital DJ world.
    PCDJ Red and Blue has been redesigned and rebuilt for complete ease-
    of-use and management of music files (.MP3,.WMA,.WAV and Microsoft
    DRM files). It contains much of the power and versatility of our
    award winning flagship product PCDJFX. If you re looking for the new
    DJ technology from PCDJ but want a simple interface, the new Red or
    Blue VRM will suit you. Simple but powerful.
    Whether you re a working professional of just beginning DJ, Red and
    Blue VRM will give you complete control over the organization of
    play lists, master tempo and the cueing of your music. (See individual
    product specs for Red and Blue) These new products also have the
    ability to add in the VRM plug-ins, like our Karaoke.VRM technology
    allows the user to expand the software as needed. It provides you with
    the most comprehensive set of professional features to perform any DJ
    event like weddings, parties club and club and radio stations in its
    price range.
    PCDJ is the first DJ software to use Microsoft s DRM (Digital Rights
    Management) system, opening up options to download, play and mix music
    from many sources right in the application..
    Even if you re just getting started, or have extensively used DJ
    software products before, you know how difficult the learning curve
    can be to play and mix music files. PCDJ Red or Blue VRM software
    provides you with a cleaner, better interface to perform and mix music
    for any event or even to play music at home. Whether you re DJing a
    wedding party or event, organizing your music, broadcasting on a radio
    station or just making mix cds, PCDJ Red or Blue VRM software provides
    not only the tools for today, but the ability to build your features
    for tomorrow. The VRM technology allows you to add more plug-ins and
    expand the software to suit your needs. PCDJ software has always
    provided one of the most progressive and robust feature sets for DJ
    But did you know that it also provides one of the best sound engines
    and music organization features available for professional DJ s and
    musicians? PCDJ has a unique BPM extractor to calculate the speed of
    your s
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