《SONY Vir Unis Infusion音乐库》(Sony.MediaSoftware.Vir.Unis.Infusion.WAV.ACiD)[Bin]

《SONY Vir Unis Infusion音乐库》(Sony.MediaSoftware.Vir.Unis.Infusion.WAV.ACiD)[Bin]
  • 片  名  《SONY Vir Unis Infusion音乐库》(Sony.MediaSoftware.Vir.Unis.Infusion.WAV.ACiD)[Bin]
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  • 详细介绍简介: 转自TLF语种:英语
    引用257 (454MB) original, royalty-free loops
    Infusion 音乐库是变形和变体电子loops的收藏集,由索尼Pictures Digital的 Vir Unis独家制作,有大量的电子元素可供制作你自己独特的音乐
    Vir Unis: Infusion
    The music of Vir Unis penetrates to the core of the man/machine relationship. His solo releases and collaborations with revolutionary space music pioneer and producer Steve Roach have proven time and again his mastery of the medium and his dedication to blending beats and atmospheres into enormously compelling electronic biorhythms and psychedelic landscapes. The Infusion library is filled with a unique collection of morphing and shapeshifting electronica loops, electro-tribal beats, industrial noisescapes, and deep space atmospherics created by Vir Unis exclusively for Sony Pictures Digital. Here you will find a myriad of organic and electronic elements for inspiring and creating your own unique and original fractalized rhythms and melting soundscapes. We invite you to bend, morph, melt, chop, dice, and splice these loops inside the powerful ACID reg; software engine to create your own brand of royalty-free, cutting edge electronica.
  • 《SONY Vir Unis Infusion音乐库》(Sony.MediaSoftware.Vir.Unis.Infusion.WAV.ACiD)[Bin]_large