《DHDT 世界最佳节庆》(DHDT--Fantastic Festivals of the World)1080i[HDTV]

《DHDT 世界最佳节庆》(DHDT--Fantastic Festivals of the World)1080i[HDTV]
  • 片  名  《DHDT 世界最佳节庆》(DHDT--Fantastic Festivals of the World)1080i[HDTV]
  • 简  介  发行时间: 2006年地区: 美国语言: 英语
  • 类  别  综艺
  • 小  类  科教节目

  • 详细介绍简介: 【影片名称】Discovery HD 世界最佳节庆
    【文件格式】MPEG2 + DD2.0
    Discovery「世界最佳节庆」(Fantastic Festivals of the World),为「高画质剧场」(Discovery HD Theater)很受欢迎的节目。目前已完成製作系列1,共16集的各国节庆在日、英、德、中、韩、港、俄、中东、纽、义、西等国播出。其中第10集获颁电视界Telly Award观光类别奖,11集获HDFEST之Deffy奖,是讲求水準与品质的优良电视节目。
    (1)Episode 1: The Mid-Autumn Lantern Festival - Hong Kong香港的中秋节
    Length: 49mn 22s
    Description: Chinese Festivals occur according to the lunar calendar. The first and the mother of all celebrations is the Chinese New Year. Families get together for joyous meals, people bring gifts to their gods in busy shrines. The whole city is dressed in gold and red, the colors of good fortune. At night, skyscrapers are lit up with impressive neon light displays. We see what’s cooking for the New Year’s big meal and how one local family celebrates in their home. The New Year’s parade is what everybody waits for. With groups from all over the world, the costumes, music and dances are nothing but spectacular Off the Beaten Path: We visit the fisher folk’s village on Lamma Island and see their special New Year’s prayer. We participate in the making of Dim Sum, the most recognizable food in HK and witness the ‘Lucky Race’ at the Hong Kong Jockey Club.
    (2)Episode 2: Festival des Theatres de Marionettes - Charlevile-Mezeries, France
    Length: 48mn 53s
    Description: The art of puppet theatre is celebrated at a dedicated festival in the French town of Charleville-Mezieres. The festival was started in World War Two by local youth who wanted to make children laugh during those hard times. Today, visitors fill the streets of this friendly town to meet the world s best puppeteers.
    (3)Episode 3: The World Buskers Festival - Christchurch, New Zealand
    Length: 47mn 59s
    Description: Busking, which dates back to 1852, includes any street entertainment performed for the public.
    The city of Christchurch comes alive when street performers from all over the world converge on this beautiful location on the east coast of New Zealand s South Island. The Festival s program captures the live performances of some of the best buskers , hand picked by the Festival s director, Jodi Wright, from around the world.
    (4)Episode 4: Carnaval de Quebec 冬日狂欢节 - Quebec City, Canada
    Length: 49mn 10s
    Description: Carnaval De Quebec brings a true joie de vivre (joy of life) during the cold winter months. Carnaval (as it is referred to in French) takes place annually from late January to early February and continues for 17 days. More than 300 family oriented activities and events occur around stunning Quebec City during Carnaval. This carnival is the world s largest snow-oriented winter carnival. With a temperature way below zero, the warmth of this carnival will melt every viewer.
    冬日狂欢节(Carnaval de Quebec)是魁北克省的冬季盛典,每年的二月上中旬节日期间。 居民用雪筑成一座高大的城堡,选出冰雪之王和王后,冰雕作品装点全城。圣劳伦斯河上滑 冰,集体婚礼等各种庆祝活动使节日气氛浓郁。
    (5)Episode 9: Green River Rendezvous - Pinedale, Wyoming, USA
    Length: 49mn 22s
    Description: Every summer in the high desert of central Wyoming along the Green River, mountain men, townsfolk and tourists gather to carry on the tradition of Rendezvous in the small town of Pinedale.
    (6)Episode 10: Festival de la Virgen de Urqupinia - Bolivia
    Length: 49mn 22s
    Description: This fest
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