《FIFA足球世界杯2010》(2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa)美亚版[光盘镜像][XBox 360]

《FIFA足球世界杯2010》(2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa)美亚版[光盘镜像][XBox 360]
  • 片  名  《FIFA足球世界杯2010》(2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa)美亚版[光盘镜像][XBox 360]
  • 简  介  游戏平台: XBox 360游戏类型: SPG 体育运动游戏发行时间: 2010年04月28日制作发行: EA SportsElectronic Arts语言: 英文
  • 类  别  游戏
  • 小  类  电视游戏

  • 详细介绍简介: 引用港机可玩游戏名称:FIFA足球世界杯2010
    英文名称:2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa
    游戏制作:EA Sports
    游戏发行:Electronic Arts
    区域制式:NTSC (Locked)

    代码 Release # 05
    Game Name 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa
    Publisher Electronic Arts
    Developer Electronic Arts
    Genre Soccer, Sports
    Street Date 2010-04-27
    Rls. Date 2010-04-22
    Region NTSC Locked
    Game Info
    EA SPORTS?celebrates the single largest sporting event on the planet with the
    only official and exclusively licensed videogame for the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa?
    Experience all the emotion and passion of the world抯 fiercest national rivalries as you live
    the dream of competing against fans from around the world for the 2010 FIFA World Cup? Take
    on the challenge of leading your home nation from qualification right through to a virtual
    re-creation of the FIFA World Cup Final?and feel what it is like to score the goal that
    lifts a nation. For the first time ever, play out the 2010 FIFA World CupTM in a full and
    authentic online tournament mode. Carry the hopes and dreams of your favourite nation into
    battle against fans from rival countries. Compete under the same conditions your real-world
    heroes will face in South Africa, from the group stage through the knockout rounds to the
    chance to be crowned 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa TM champion. For fans of nations
    that failed to qualify for South Africa this is the chance to replay and re-write history.
    Plus, earn individual and team points to prove your nation is the best in Battle of the Nations.
    Spectacularly presented in true-to-life detail, EA SPORTS 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa?
    features all 199 national teams that took part in qualification, all 10 officially licensed
    stadiums to be used in South Africa and stadiums from each qualifying region. Everything fans
    love about the World Cup comes to life in stunning detail, including confetti cannons,
    streamers, fireworks梛ust like the official tournament. Plus, supporters who follow their
    heroes to South Africa will be in the stands waving their country抯 flag, holding giant
    banners and cheering in their native language. EA SPORTS 2010 FIFA World Cup features a more
    sophisticated, faster-paced and responsive version of the market-leading EA SPORTS football
    engine that drives the award-winning FIFA 11梩he highest rated sports game on this console
    generation. Gameplay innovations capture the journey from qualification to the final tournament
    with home and away strategies for every nation, situational tactics in-game, and altitude
    affects that fatigue players faster and even impact the flight of the ball.
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在PS3玩过Demo, 似乎难度比Fifa10高了很多。不过确实很好玩,主题音乐很好听。

太漂亮了 提前感受南非世界杯啊
不过没有XBOX 纯支持了
fifa 注重意境,气氛....pes 注重游戏性...
今天冒雨骑车半小时 买了FIFA10世界杯 回家爽了爽 想想当年出FIFA06世界杯的时候 哦没有360 看着那画面简直让人流口水 不过现在我终于不流了