Healthy Snacks for Fit Life

Healthy Snacks for Fit Life

When it comes to food,

Natural food is all about finding ways to nourish ourselves.

We all love snacks and if you think about it,there are some ways to get in nutrition with snacks.

I wanted to share my thoughts.
I discussed some men’s favorite snacks and gave my nutrition “vote” along with some tips to “healthify” them.


We enjoys chips, which you may or may not know is a healthy snack to indulge in!
Avocados offer a creamy texture that satisfy a craving for melt-in-your-mouth fat, while offering the “good” fat – mono- and polyunsaturated fat.
Not only that – avocados provide 20 vitamins and minerals and each serving (about 3 slices, or a quarter of the avocado fruit) only contains 50 calories.
This superfood is as delicious as it is nutritious! As for the chips, I like to stick to simple ingredients.

you know what all of them are! Looking at (and understanding) the ingredients allows you to know what you are putting into your body,
so that you can feel good about it.
Just beware of portion sizes – take a handful of chips and then enjoy your company.

Cottage Cheese?

an interesting food – cottage cheese! While many of us may not crave that, cottage cheese is super nutritious and tastes great when combined with fruit,
such as cantaloupe, pineapple or berries.
Each 1/2 C serving packs in protein satisfies a creamy craving, while adding fruit pumps up the antioxidants.
Using fresh or frozen fruit is the best bet, because most canned or jarred fruit is stored in syrup.
If you prefer jarred fruit try to find fruit jarred in it’s own juice, rather than syrup.
The full-fat versions are not the healthiest choice, but the nonfat versions can sometimes be a little less enjoyable.
I like the middle of the road – low fat versions offer the best of both worlds – lower fat content with a palatable texture and taste.


it’s healthy snacks for all age group. it’s good for your gut.

Dried fruit or Nuts

a small portion (think a handful, or about 10-15 jelly beans) is okay every once in awhile, a healthier substitution is dried fruit.
Dried fruit contains the sugar and sweetness you crave without artificial ingredients and contains more nutrition than candy.
But beware – just because this is fruit, this does not mean there are no calories – portion size should be the same as with the jelly beans (about a handful).

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