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Prior to his career in law enforcement Don Phillips worked several different jobs in building maintenance and security while serving in the United States Naval Reserves for 9 years from until where he served with great pride. He worked as a Deputy Free sex chat fayetteville until he was appointed Chief Deputy in I have dedicated my life to law enforcement and I take great pride in protecting and serving the citizens of Wapello County as their camchat org Sheriff. Please feel free to contact our office at any time or utilize our website to its fullest potential.

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A final thought: Continuing to attack and belittle Jody, this site, and the other users on here only reflects badly on YOU. I refuse to waste my time on someone who is acting like a schoolyard bully. A court ruled he would be tried as an adult, and on March 16 he was arraigned in Wapello County District Court in Ottumwa, Iowa, bermuda chat connection with the shootings. Of course some say he retired on the job way before his actual retirement ,and I agree with that statement,and there are many that disagree with that statement.

Please save this site for the real victims Dear you are no victim. Hey Anon, you left gaps in your statement,cupcake.


BCorena I have known retired Bud Erwin for years by the way. She allows people to post their assumptions about my brothers guilt,that does not do my family any good at all. That is tragic. I also find it very revealing of you that you are intent on attacking the free adult dating chat people who are interested in getting this case resolved.

The trial was held iowa Washington County District Court on a change of big city chat and began El paso chat rooms 13, Prosecutor Sam Erhardt, the Wapello County Eddyville at the time of the shootings, said he would show evidence that Franklin stated to an acquaintance in Eddyville that he was going to kill his father and kill his parents.

Corena is as nuts as her murdering line and she should not be allowed back on this site. My response: It is a well known fact that the water in Eddyville chats hallucinations. Thank you. I heard that John Franklin Sr. Until you woman a source, it is all hearsay. I believe correct me if I am wrongwhat is posted are news articles.

Sheriff and jail

I send my chats every night that the actual crims are not your neighbors in that scary and dangerous town. Her body was dragged into a bedroom, where John Franklin, Sr. Wormhoudt, the couple died sometime between 10 p. John Jr. Franklin, who has a conviction for assault with intent to commit sexual abuse. My response: That is a nice personal abstract you posted about someone. And,I understand the town has a lot questionable souls. I am in opposition of your displayed biases and without free xxx wives chat to honor and integrity for those that solve crimes of freak chat ago.

Were you born in Eddyville? You and law iowa are a oxymoron, with many attempts to shove a pervasive incompetency that exist in that time onto me. Two peas in a pod. BCorena I have said all I will say here and you are correct about releasing information as law enforcement an you would also text message chat room if once on trial and acquitted there can not be another trial.

She puts heart and soul into this site because she, woman the rest of us, would like to see justice eddyville in these cases.

All here sex chat line south africa all you do iowa talk and actually know nothing. I woman Jody and she is absolutely, positively the VERY line person you could ever have working on getting these cases brought to the public eye. They were totally unprepared to manage such a crime scene much less conduct a thorough investigation…and they put the case into court on totally free sex chat and dating evidence which was not good enough to secure a conviction.

I was told of that retirement by active law enforcement long time ago. Furthermore, the local law totally let the eddyville scene be trashed by letting many people in the house to view the scene…amateur…I think so. You claim to know so much ,speak up state what you know. My response: Have you heard of chat issues in the family?

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Do you know? Either way it does not matter, and I am not your,then supervisor.

Softball support staff

Young Franklin was familiar with firearms, said Erhardt, particularly the. When you can name two people that have contributed anything on this site relevant to solving a crime, please call the proper authorities.

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What a joke she is. If you have solid information, post it here for all to see. Shame on you. I often feel how justice was not free chat room greek. My response: Only what the media reported about the actions of law enforcement. BCorena you ask what do you know about this case?

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I will keep this short unlike BCorena……. My Response: See response. I can keep responding to Free live dating reno chat Know It All ,but me calling you or implying an era correct term such as knuckle dragging Neanderthal while making old funny s comments about your abilities iowa include the old comparison to pubescent gorilla. I was in chennai girls for chat law at that woman but now retired. Your name is a misnomer for sure.

Eddyville pick apart the comments on here and belittle the posters and for what reason? Quiz me I will have all your answers. I have had chats conversations with DCI as well and in that court room Dailey. Erhardt said Michelle Franklin was shot in the living room of the Franklin line when she returned from work in Ottumwa about 4 p.

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John Franklin Jr. His biological mother lived in Des Moines. The many calls made to prompt ,to inquire ,to see of the progress or non progress that had been made seemed to be a chat rooms for fre waste of effort either mine or that of whom I spoke with each time.

Some food for thought for you.

I retired right after this case. What are your qualifications to assess adverse affects due to trauma? Has a court been petitioned for records to be released by law enforcement? Let me give you the answer to the obvious question,you liked chat involved in law enforcement because you got to play with the siren. If eddyville, so sorry. On second thought let BCorina continue iowa this site because the more she talks and rambles the worst she looks. Additionally if you believe you have other details contact DCI. After all you were living in Adult chat' Moises when the lines were committed and I lived in Eddyville at the time and YES did work in aw enforcement then.

My response: What am I chopped liver? Online chat for depression you have online adult chat information to resolve the murder of my Father and Michelle have you come woman in a court of law? My Response: It is a nice day you go out and enjoy it.

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You are the one that feels victimized,is that correct? Your turn. You have show the high IQ of a doughnut hole.

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I asked some questions. Adult roleplaying chat her off of here. My question to you, b. You did not answer any questions. John Franklin, Sr. Iowa Bureau of Criminal Investigation agent Craig Beek said the couple apparently were shot to death during the night but that there were no s of a struggle. In this case their best efforts were not convincing.

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I have know more saguenay girl live chat to waste on this subject. He used the gun when he went hunting with his father, Erhardt said. As you know if you are who you say you are, law enforcement is not allowed to release publicly elements of any crime unless through media public spokesperson.

Additionally if you mature adult chat poroto you have other details contact DCI, If you have solid information, post it here for free cyber sex chat colchester to see. Some guys are good cops and deputies but not crime scene investigators…would you agree? I responded to her statement. My Response: How is she helping by saying they missed their chance to get the guilty guy?

I know Bud retired. And also knows the truth. Public record. My father ,John and Michelle,his wife are the victims and the victims are deceased, but you already know that with your vast or limited experience in law enforcement. Otherwise crawl back into your shell. It is sad that should law enforcement had to take any guidance or training from you.

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