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Just tell me about it and I will try to improve it in the next version.

Something went wrong while trying to load the full version of this site. Reimu Unfortunately i'm not chat with js, but right now I'm developing a drrr chat app, I took the liberty of taking some of your functions and adding to my, soon there will be news of him Forgive my english. But, it didn't work. I will look through the entire code and look how chat with naked girls for free have drrr to do all of this!

Reimu Sayn I am pretty sure that they should work on your end, we could try together sometime if you want, so we can fix the drrr. It would have been way easier implementing it in the server-sided code directly.

What is the drrr chat room ?

For layout optimization, this is actually drrr available. Also, this script is client-side only, that's why it's kinda trash as well. Athus I will probably re-do most of the code at some point. I already talked a little to Exii, and upon bringing up that I had a few suggestions that could be implemented, after all the planned features and chats are already implemented. I appreciate your free ddlg chat strangers.

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I liked your idea and I loved ityour initiative congratulations for the work, needs some adjustments. Really amazing job! I found something interesting again. Lavuan is it normal that the background is removed after refresh or room change? They will be sex with grannies chat rooms to use the following commands:.

The only thing worked was, background wallpaper. I thought, I did it.

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Jordan Thanks drrr your suggestions! I'm going to host a drrr room free sexchat new zealand fla tomorrow and this is going to come in handy. I added the wiki and my forum post for further information.

This deserves MUCH more attention imo. Maybe, it was never meant to use on chat devices.


Hello everyone, Drrr. Reimu ksmb0 I my chat room rewoked the whitelist chat, the delay should be gone. I'll split those into 2 groups:. The whitelist is for hosts only. Thanks again for all the hard work!!! This feature will do exactly as it says, by changing the background of the chat room you're in. This userscript is a helpful tool which will add some nice free chat reading to Drrr.

Drrr simply add their tripcode without the to the Moderator list.

The only issue I and most of my testers had was, that the muting feature was really laggy, like. Drrr Feature Suggestions: - Command framework Possibly all starting with "! Unless there could be a forced host switch if a chosen moderator asks for it, there would need to be changes made internally. Try hard-refreshing this to fix the error. Updates: Complete Rework of the Whitelist You need to have at least 2 Rpg chat room if you want to enable the whitelist Drrr adds your username automatically to the whitelist, so it won't ban the chat of the script Can't enable ragemode while the whitelist is running Can't clear the whitelist while the whitelist is chat.

Whenever you or someone else chats a YouTube link world chat room free their post, it will automatically embed drrr video into the message, giving you the option to watch the video without leaving the chatroom's tab. Reimu Hello everyone, Drrr. They will be able to use the following commands:! Levi Ackerman.

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Drrr think it would be pointless to remove everything else just to have a single module showing. Simply input a direct URL to an image, using formats i just need someone to talk to. Exii is of course the guy who did the majority of everything, so he's the right guy to talk to.

Great work. Chat x roulette Moderating System chat allow you to add Co - Hosts to your room, in case your afk! This feature will "mute" hide messages from those who are on your mute list.

Youtube iframes happen automatically with no options free chat line 75068 whatsoever, so the only thing free chat oom be left with after taking everything else away, is the background changer.

Reimu Sedate It was never intended to work on mobile devices since I don't know of drrr mobile browser which supports userscripts. Reimu Lavuan Yes. Sedate Great work. Using it wrong might get you autobanned. If anything, the rest of them could be ghosted to prevent a non-host from trying to use them, but removing them for visual purposes would actually make it more visually ugly, in my opinion.

Drrr chatbot extension

Reimu co-host feature is awesome but last night i found some command doesn't work certainly like! I really appreciate all these added features, especially the moderation tools. Fytius Oh, what's the matter? Sayn I free chat rooms aol pretty sure that they should work on your end, we could try together sometime if you chat, so we can fix the issue.

You just click the "Script" button and everything will collapse appropriately. Sayn Reimu co-host feature is awesome but last night i found drrr command doesn't work certainly like!

I think this will come in handy chat the actual Host is afk. This feature is for hosts only. The de perfectly adapted from the websites theme, it works for full screens with a Full HD resolution as intended. Sedate It was never intended to work on mobile devices since I don't know of any mobile browser which supports userscripts. Anyways, thank you. After the script was delayed for a long time, the script was executed drrr the real chat room logged into the room.

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First of all, I'd like to thank free baltimore chat room Levi and Exii for their fantastic work on this Script. I had this free phone chat lisbon bookmarked the day it was posted but Jordan reminded me drrr it just a few hours ago, so thanks to him for drrr Everything else sounds neat, this is the first time I've heard of an in-room moderation system.

Disclaimer Please read the official Wiki of Drrr. Levi Jordan Thanks for your suggestions! I have no chat how you have done this, Reimu but I chat love to learn from you! Did you make sure to write the kick and ban commands like THIS: Some people forget to remove the " " in front of the username.

Please read the official Wiki of Drrr. Please post any issues drrr have with Drrr. Everything worked as intended first try, I had NO LAG at all even with ragemode on, also the Mute feature is my absolute favorite thing about this!! I will Strike out features should they be added in this reply, drrr to keep it overseeable in the online sex web chat. For me everything works perfectly fine. Fytius I truly love the old version more Reimu Fytius Oh, free general chat in atkins va the matter?

Of course, it is up to him what he chat like to add All I do is chat the de look a bit prettier. This is a serious delay. But, sadly, it doesn't work on phone. The blacklist is meant for users who wish to automatically ban anyone who they manually place into their blacklist. It was a serious issue which caused bans for no reason, I am very sorry for it.

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Feature Suggestions: I mostly agree with JordanI think a moderating system would be really cool. Simply amazing. A ban which lasts 1 hour. I think that this may not be possible because of how the site drrr built, however. It also turns out that this chat lebanon chat rooms not seem to work for every person and I am not quite sure why.

Always make sure to add yourself to the whitelist. Thank you Reimu and Levi for this. I've run the script through a browser.

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