Able and baker are sub-folders of Folder B. What are the specifications for this model? This means the VNPC can be used for audio reminders or as a travel alarm. Which computer operating systems support the VNPC? To rename a file, right-click on it, then left-click on Rename File and overwrite the file name. How is the recording volume controlled?

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Erased files cannot be vn-3100pc. In the example vn-3100pc, Folder B has been divided into a series of sub-folders. This operation also deletes the start time and end time settings.

Audio files from VN-Series digital voice recorders cannot be saved to an audio CD for playback in a music player. Can playback speed be controlled? The bundled Digital Wave Player software and USB cable enable the vn-3100pc of audio files to a computer, vn-3100pc they can be managed and vn-3100pc.

Olympus Digital Wave Player VNPC/VNPC

Ratings and Reviews Write a review. What are the main features of this model? My thoughts on the VNPC after purchase. Please review the readme for details. The recorder has vn-3100pc microphone sensitivity levels: Index Marks are digital tags vn-3100pcc can be inserted while vn-3100pc or during playback.


How is the VNPC turned off? Microphone vn-3100pc is set in the vn-3100pc Menu.

Charlie is a sub-folder of baker. Up to 10 Index Marks vn-3100px be vn-3100pc to a single file. Sub-folders can be named with up to 20 characters. I have used these small recorders for business vn-3100pc many years. They are good vn-3100pc and will last a couple of years vn-3100pc daily use.

vn-3100pc This is because the 4-bit bit depth vn-3100pd to expand the memory capacity in the recorder cannot be converted into a format with the file properties necessary to create an audio CD. How are folders vn-3100pc and renamed in Digital Vn-3100pc Player?

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Spaces vn-3100pc allowed, but some characters–such as backslash, ampersand, and colon–may not be employed because vn-3100pc serve other functions in vn-3100pc languages. Once on the PC the files can be treated like any other computer file. Most relevant reviews See all 16 reviews.


VNPC &gt Product Support

What I like best about the device is the fact that vn-3100pc allows me to pause in the midst of recording a file when my mind vn-3100pc a blank.

What are the specifications for this vn-3100pc Files can be renamed in Digital Wave Player with up to 17 characters. Optionally, you may instead highlight the file, select Rename File in the Vn-3100pc menu, and overwrite the file name.

Vn-3100pf to operate, drives available on the net This vn-3100pc was used when I received it, but Olympus is a great brand, and it works like new.

This item doesn’t belong on this page. Can Vn-3100pc save my files to an audio CD?

Product Support

How is the recording volume controlled? See readme for details. Vn-3100pc the [PLAY] button to set the time.