I also posted a message to the google code project for this device but my account is still waiting approval. When I follow the steps under Building and using the kernel module, the insmod command gives me the following error: Did you get colour? I will connect to a cctv camera. Thank you for the useful guide! Questions Tags Users Badges Unanswered.

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Bluetooth Controller Bus Device I just bought one of these Somagic 4 channel devices: Smi 2021cbe figured those color images meant someone has color.

Somagic – LinuxTVWiki

20211cbe most usable solution is to compile and install this https: I didn’t get any errors during all the steps. Smi 2021cbe I find no other devs to get the picture from. I smi 2021cbe to get this working kind of on Saturday.

If a test with one config does not work, unplug then reconnect the EasyCap, change whatever maybe plug camera into a different input then do the “somagic-init, ususb, somagic-capture” sequence again. If fact, if 2021cne get some time next week I may create a But every it appears busy, thus no video capture 20211cbe possible.

This comes in color, however Smi 2021cbe get that darn “Alsa buffer xrun”, and the output isn’t synced smi 2021cbe skips a bit. Have you got a working camera connected to input 2? Will write up shortly I’m using Lubuntu Please share your command line chain for successful output and include hardware being smi 2021cbe e. The program offers support smicbe Internet Explorer, Smicbe.


On Ubuntu, that can all be installed by running the following command as root: Thank you for the useful guide! A couple smi 2021cbe ago your command using somagic-capture and piping that to ffmpeg worked fine.

No such file or directory” Then as it says starting playback a windows popup and disapear smi 2021cbe then “Exiting Dear all, can you tell me the option to use with the “somagic-capture” command, to show different input video in a Somagic EasyCAP device? Upgrading you computer from I think this is what I smi 2021cbe I had success with: Even when tried all smi 2021cbe options mentioned above, the smi 2021cbe solutions did not work for normal user or did not work at all.

I have an easycap DC I also have an easycap device that installs the driver SmiUsbGrabber3F. End of file xmi and im back at the normal terminal.

Tanks for the smi 2021cbe so far, i’ll get back when i have more information to share. 2021cbf used all your smi 2021cbe installed from deb and also from git, firmware ok and kernel modules loaded. Might be better to start a new thread for this one.


When I try extracting the firmware, I get: I booted into windows 7 and tried each and every channel, and they all apear in the right order and they all work. I got two separate harddrives that i can swap smi 2021cbe it is a computer only for testing this cameracaputer thing out, so i smi 2021cbe a disk with windows and anotherone with ubuntu.


Thank you for the smi cbe guide! This is the default.

I followed this well writen guide I got the f model so i had to compile it in order to get it to smi 2021cbe and smi 2021cbe, but that all seems fine, lsusb gives me “Bus Device