After fixing this, I was able to log into the shoretel connect app no problem. If I set the password to require a change in the director, it prompts me to change it on the client but then doesn’t work. I found the below on https: Have a wonderful holiday and good luck. This should solve the problem that was described above. Use one of those disk wipe utilities if you have to.

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This is usually because of an older install on the computer.

I did the upgrade from their instructions on my own time shoretel tapi 11pm-2am, and posted here shoretel tapi in case someone could help me before they opened at 9am. Upvote if you also have this question or find it interesting. Remove the user profile and many times that will fix the problem as well.

ShoreTel TAPI

Save and close and go back in and enable it Fix? ShoreTel Call Manager not connecting If I install the hsoretel locally to a xenapp host, it works fine, I shoretel tapi encounter this while packaging it for streaming. Communicator demands to have. Do a repair install of the Connect server If shoretel tapi shoretel TAPI provider is still missing from phone and modem options, shoretel tapi the ShoreWare Telephony Management Server64 service and, run fapi commands as administrator: Submit a new text post.


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Shoretel tapi reverted to the VM snapshot before the upgrade and reverted my appliances, so I’m back on Our company is working on a migration to ShoreTel phone equipment, including their call center suite. Shoretel tapi spent hours doing reg comparisons, process monitor logs during installation, etc, etc Going to make another attempt this weekend. This assumes you have a domain.

Turns out ShoreTel doesn’t support bit XenApp 5. At first we txpi to wipe the computer, and then found out that system restore also shoretel tapi this issue. Upgraded my server from This should solve the problem that was described above.

Here are the shoretel tapi Twin Cities, MN Posts: I don’t typically reboot between uninstalling and reinstalling the client, but you can if you want. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Because Windows makes you go through a wizard when you go into the Phones and Modems properties window the first time.

If you insist on doing the migration shoretel tapi, request the migration guide from your vendor.


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For now I’m trying shoretel tapi get a streamed package that will work for streaming directly to an XP client for our Call Center Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the shoretel tapi. If it succeeds, well you need to do the following steps anyway. Please sign in to comment You will be able to leave a comment after signing in Shorftel In Now.

Check the ‘Application Server’ checkbox 6.

I have concluded the error is misleading, because suoretel I intentionally use the wrong password I get a different authentication error. I’ve found it to be times more reliable for remote softphones. Communicator fails midway through shoretel tapi installation.

Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Do a Full Uninstall of Communicator. Log in or sign shoretel tapi in seconds.