This worked for us: Glad you found the post helpfull….. It seems they offer a very basic subset of the SQL language to developers. Due to the advent of Win 8, connection to just query the database is a nightmare. Andrew Smith onedegree

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To find out, go the Start button and select Settings Control Panel. My DSN does work in Excel on the client but not through the. It seems they offer a very basic subset of the SQL language to developers.

How to set up a Linked Server in SQL Server Management Studio

Use caution when working with the below product functionality. Sage Line clarifications There are some aspects of this article that will, I suspect, confuse the typical Sage Line user:.

Glad you found the post helpfull…. I have the same errors as you have above. Link is dead – any updates? Has anyone a dobc solution for the settings to enable this? You are right, integration with SAGE is a well kept secret. You are commenting using your WordPress.

Is this available in the MAS install anywhere it should be actually? Due to the advent of Win 8, connection to just query the database is a nightmare. I then made sure the information within the options tab was correct.


We basically you need to have the SAGE instance locally, or at least have mapped drives to it. In the end, we opted for a full connection string which worked just fine once you find out what that string should be. Hopefully this will solve your issue…. This solution requires advanced knowledge of your computer’s operating system. I made sure that the Company code e.

Over the past three years I’ve worked heavily with various flavors of SQL server in a non-Mas environment. If you have any advice on the connection string used to go direct to Sage I would be very appreciative! Alas, without any additional error handling around them.


Connecting to an External ODBC database e.g. Sage 100cloud

The requirement is simple, connect to a SAGE line system via ODBC DSNthen run a simple query on ljne data stock information — read only of course and then do something with that information in my case call a secure web service and update it with the stock information.

The Data Source has to be given a name, a description and I need to specify the path to where my providex.


It does seem that Sage is also some kind of secret society as well as software company because no-one lets their tricks out! I have a question After connecting the CRM with Mas could eage visitors see invoices, sales orders. The full article is available to registered AccountingWEB.

ODBC to export SAGE Line Legacy Data

I had to provide the basic information. Sage requires membership odgc participation – click to join. As I followed my event log I could see that my code was executing and behaving as expected almost all of the way through, then out of the blue an unhandled error. Please login or register to join the discussion.

Modifying Windows security incorrectly can severely affect system operations. Lack of help is awful and highly obdc. Three components for the Linked Server settings:.

After connecting the CRM with Mas could the visitors see invoices, sales orders.