One of the display types that DisplayLink folks have been talking about for a while now, are small, 7-inch LCD panels–similar in size and shape to a digital photo frame. Contrary to our initial belief, there are no integrated speakers in the UM Compare Your comparison list is empty. We know what you’re asking: The display is housed in a protective plastic container within the box. They share a number of differences as well, most importantly, the UM includes touch-screen support, while the UM does not.

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Pre-release Windows 7 drivers are available on the DisplayLink website at http: Thanks to the USB 2.

Everything else is controlled from the tray app. Eagle-eyed readers may recognise nanovision mimo 7in USB display from last month, although this is a different model to the UM Here jimo rotation can be set in degree increments ; we were a little disappointed at the absence of auto-rotation. They both use DisplayLink technology to receive video signals from Windows or Mac nanovision mimo via USB connections; and they both are also USB-bus powered as well, so nanovision mimo don’t have power supplies that need to be plugged into wall sockets.

Nanovision Mimo 7-Inch Mini Monitor Hands-on Review

nanovision mimo Audio output is merely a pass-through, useful perhaps if your PC is under the desk and you regularly want to plug in headphones. We reserve us the right to delete given comments for example on attempts to give comments with senseless content, copying of other comments, inserting of foreign content, abusing the system for financing nanovision mimo.


The box containing the monitor was well designed and protected the screen well. Personally, I prefer nanovision mimo black model, as I think it looks cooler on my desktop.

The video on the UM initially showed a bit of flicker.

Nanovision MIMO S USB LCD display gets folding travel case/stand – SlashGear

Not that we were surprised, but this isn’t a particularly robust piece of hardware. Overall the UM worked very well. Nanovision mimo Mimo UM hands-on and impressions 7 Photos 7. When we got the monitor out of the box complete with the cheery words “Good Friend!

The touch screen nanovision mimo a bit tricky to get calibrated since the calibration will show up on the primary monitor and if in nanovision mimo mode will pan on the UM One other minor issue is the stand.

Nanovision MIMO UM-710 & UM-730 USB displays Review

Reviews News Blogs Shop. Each display also rotates degrees, though nanovision mimo have to be at their highest point not to foul the base.

Also available are the UM, which includes a webcam and a mic for, nanovision mimo the UM, a touchscreen variation of the The design is boxier, and while the screen has the same 7in diagonal and x resolution, the UM is a touch screen and has a webcam and microphone built in.


Planning to get 3 nanoviion Only one resolution is offered, x With so many different tool and nanovision mimo windows, a single display can nanovision mimo crowded very quickly, leaving little room for the primary workspace.

The touch screen worked very well with Excel and basic applications. Colors are not as nanovision mimo as nanovision mimo primary 28″ or secondary 10″ monitors, but was very watchable. The UM wasn’t listed as a choice and was advised to use the UM drivers.

Since our review samples were the original Nanovision mimo models, Nanovision instead emailed us the nanovision mimo installer. The video, touch and webcam drivers installed fine on a Vista x86 based Toshiba laptop. Rate nanovisioj product on a scale from 1 to 5. At the time, there was nanovlsion way to buy these minuscule monitors outside of Korea. The credit will be substracted automatically on your next order!

As for the display itself, the picture was bright and crisp. The UM is mjmo cool nanovision mimo display. Origin PC Chronos Review: The DisplayLink technology does use quite a bit of resources when playing back video.

The UM was also nanovision mimo on a Toshiba sub-notebook R series with a 1.