The assessment process itself is unclassified. Local commanders must determine if a change in one alert status will cause a corresponding change in another alert status. Reroute mission-critical communications through unaffected systems. Significant level of network probes, scans or activities detected indicating a pattern of concentrated reconnaissance. See Annex A for sample format. All DOD activities should establish procedures for conducting internal security reviews, IAW reference a and locally existing guidance.

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Applications directly supporting military functions i.

Infocon Systems

Assessing the impact of CNA on our ability to ibfocon military operations is key to conducting damage assessment, prioritizing response actions, and assisting in identifying possible adversaries. Identify any interim workarounds. Ensure all mission critical information and information systems including applications and databases and their operational importance are identified.

The intelligence community is developing a capability to provide warning which will become of increasing value as it matures. Conducting activities such as data browsing and data corruption is dependent upon gaining access to the system. To effectively operate in this environment, knowledge of the adversary’s identity cannot be a prerequisite to execution of defensive strategies and tactics.

Increase level of auditing, review, and critical unfocon back-up procedures. But it’s a very user friendly web portal. Intelligence attack assessment s indicate a limited attack. List operations the unit is currently supporting or projected to support in the near future. What can we expect next from the perpetrator?


How does the technical impact of the attack affect the unit’s ability to function? Prevention of system compromise see Appendix C for various advisories to consider is preferable, but may not be achievable. Commander’s assessment of mission-critical information system readiness.

CNA is defined as “operations to disrupt, deny, degrade, or destroy information resident in computers and computer networks, or the computers and networks themselves. Reports will include, as a minimum:.

Friendly Customer Service provided prompt answers to our questions. The following actions may or may not be valid responses tofor several or all types of malicious activity.

Service may be denied by crashing the system, jamming it with packets, or consuming disk space, processor time or other resources. These reviews should consist of, as a minimum, the following actions:. Preparation is key, given the speed and reduced signature of CNA. Conduct periodic internal security reviews and external vulnerability assessments.

Local commanders must determine if a change in one alert status will cause a corresponding change in another alert status. Little or no data or systems compromised. Information system probes, scans or other activities detected indicating a pattern of surveillance.


Infocon Systems Reviews and Pricing –

Although much objective data is available on which to base the decision, the final judgment for declaring an INFOCON change rests with the commander. This list is offered as broad guidance; other factors may be considered also.

Conduct infoocon internal security review on all critical systems. Consistent with intelligence law restrictions on the collection of US person information, the following information will be generated by intelligence analysts and included in this section of the intelligence assessment report:.

Confirm the existence of newly identified vulnerabilities and install patches. Why did they do it? Reroute mission-critical communications through unaffected systems. In today’s network-centric environment, risk assumed by one is risk shared by all. Report violations of the law such as unauthorized access to military computer networks and systems to servicing military counterintelligence organizations IAW DODI Notification will include knfocon following information:.