Change topic type Cancel. You don’t have JavaScript enabled. Select the I accept the agreement option and click Next. Many thanks for help Martin. I used the mentor license utility v1.

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I used the mentor license utility v1. You can also try using a different USB device in the port which the dongle was not accessible to verify that the port is actually working. We found this in the event log. Below you’ll find a list of the errors which have been reported to us, together with the solutions for these errors. Many thanks for help Martin. This is not a big issue as the dongle can be cleared, and the new version along with a few earlier versions for backwards compatibility can be loaded onto the dongle.

Troubleshooting HASP, dongle and licensing issues – Vound Software Support

To do this run LMTools and go to the ‘System Settings’ tab look at the FlexID section, if your dongle isn’t displayed then you may have a faulty dongle or the drivers are quite working – coeesoft try re-installing the drivers or strangely try inserting the dongle into a codeosft USB port it does sometimes make a difference to USB devices. You could to find someone who has an HL key, use the HL key to load the drivers and then pull that key out hawp replace it with your key.


You may need to wait a few seconds for the dongle to be completely installed by the operating system. You may experience an issue where the dongle has been working fine, but then is suddenly not detected by Intella.

Or it may be time to let Mentor fix it for you.

The Admin control centre does not show the local hasp. The Key ID is the serial number of your dongle. This content has been marked as final. The event log should give an error message that can be used to help diagnose the issue.

Try updating the driver to resolve the issue. We are having problems with windows update removing the HASP driver. If you do not have the SACC, or you do not see your dongle, you will need to reinstall Intella as a full administrator on the system. Y ou codexoft be able to uninstall and reinstall the HASP driver to solve your problem by following these steps: New to this Portal?

Sentinel Downloads

Information on using Dongle Manager to automatically update your dongle, and manually updating your dongle can be found at this link: It happens on most of our Windows 10 PC’s. Leave a comment on GauravBhanot’s reply.


Hi Guys, I logout yesterday at the end of my working hours and login today in the morning One of the most common causes for a dongle not being detected is when codesofr dongle driver has been blocked or deleted. Each Attachment size should not exceed 5.

You don’t have JavaScript enabled.

Intella will need to be reinstalled to fix the issue. The introduction screen of the wizard will appear.

Troubleshooting HASP, dongle and licensing issues

Please get in touch with us over Customer Support Portal https: Update the USB drivers. Troubleshooting sections for each category are below the flowchart. Section 2 – Troubleshooting dongle not being detected issues.

For major releases, you need to have at least days of MA left to codedoft a major update. Hello all, has somebody bumb into the same problem as me?

Disable any antivirus software you have running hxsp your PC. Try the WEB search first before going back to the install disk.